summer2k15: the uniform

I am not ashamed to admit that there was a time in my life when I owned six near identical gauzy, floral, semi-sheer button ups. In 7th grade, I had an ongoing cycle of 4 different colored Converse sneakers that I wore exclusively. I was also a big fan of the long sleeved shirt and camisole layering styling technique - so naturally I had a spaghetti strap tank in every color of the rainbow to prove it. There's a comfort in cartoon character closets where you basically have 10 outfits that are for all intents and purposes, the exact same thing. I knew this as a 12 year old and I gladly showed up in my best So Cal Sk8trGurl interpretations all throughout middle school.

When I got to high school, I craved variance and diversity in my wardrobe. I'm almost 100% sure that this was largely influenced by the fact that I saw the same 20 students every single day in multiple of my classes. I mean I guess there's just something about being stuck in school for 8 hours each day with a set routine that demands creativity expression some way somehow (and I chose my outfits as my venue). I refused to repeat outfits. I bought a lot of clothes. I bought a lot of accessories. I didn't own two of anything, ever.

But I'm tired now y'all. Waking up and trying to make sense of the cornucopia of crop tops is exhausting. Looking at the weather app to make sure my warm pieces get utilized on cold days and my light pieces (I still have 3 of the same floral semi sheer shirts oops) get stage time when it's warmer out, is exhausting. I kept feeling guilty for not wearing an item for months and months in a row, but this was kind of inevitable when I had so many different clothing items - stuff just got lost in the shuffle. 

And so once again I'm about to be in a very small New York apartment for the summer and it's inspired me to streamline things in a real way. Dressing in a uniform every day has all the perks.

  1. Everyone knows your look and they can buy you your 3rd midi skirt as a birthday gift and have unshakeable confidence that you'll love it and wear it. 
  2. Wearing a variation of the same thing everyday cuts out the ";alksjdf;lasohmygod I was actually late 20 minutes ago and now I'm sitting on my bed cradling my face in my hands still butt naked and surrounded by piles of clothing and I don't know what to wear and actually I think I should just call in sick ugh"  drama. 
  3. You can pack 5 button ups and 4 high waisted midi skirts with you. Or you can just pack 1 button up and 1 high waisted midi skirt with you, because if you re-wear no one will really know. 
  4. If you feel like breaking out of the uniform and wearing something new, it'll be such a treat and you'll get all the oohs and ahs because everyone's forgotten what you look like wearing pants!

Am I on to something new here? Absolument pas.* But I think that I'm finally starting to realize my actual aesthetic instead of being sucked in by sales and trends. I'm finally starting to figure out what looks good on my body and what I actually enjoy wearing. So why wouldn't I just wear clothes that fit those two requirements, all the time? Every day? Uniforms!

*(did y'all catch that French I just threw in at the beginning because I was so excited that I remembered that phrase after doing French for a whole semester oh my gosh it's like I'm almost fluent look at meee)

music for good times (and memorial day weekend)

If you're the barbequing type and you've got a weekend filled with burgers and hot dogs coming up, you should try this loose fitting midi dress. It's perfect for food baby camouflage duty. Maybe you've got a bonfire on your calendar and you need some cut out bathing suit bottoms! Worst case scenario you're completely without plans and you're just bout to chill in your apartment/childhood bedroom back home, but you can listen to this Jamie XX + Young Thug collaboration and feel just as summery as everyone else. I personally prefer the leaked unfinished version (above with the soundcloud link) to this completed Popcaan track (below with the youtube link). Both versions are a stellar contribution to your summer playlist!