Acoustic Covers and Kanye

Surprise, I've decided to drop out of school and become a Kanye scholar and part of my research includes listening to and downloading his really old mixtapes. "Out the Game" was on the I'm Good mixtape and now it's on my 25 Most Played playlist. It's my new favorite throwback track, and for good reason. As much as I stan for the Yeezus album sometimes I just miss the Kanye I first knew and loved --- soul music sampling, weird enunciating, witty wordplay spitting and all. Kanye West if you are reading this know that I support you and will definitely be buying whatever album you put out in 2015, but consider adding some more mellow tracks like this one above because I'd really appreciate it and I need a bit less synth in my life.

While we're speaking of things I need less of, how many people on YouTube have uploaded their basic, down-tempo, acoustic guitar versions of Beyonce songs? Too many. All shot with a really low quality webcam or a fancy studio DSLR (with like no in-between isn't that weird?). Bonus points if there's someone playing the tambourine in the background for a bit of percussion. Feel free to call me a hater (I just got my braids for school done so my scalp is tight and my patience is low) but I just don't get easily impressed by acoustic guitar covers. It's not like I even have the skills like that, it's just that I feel like acoustic covers are super saturated. With all that being said, this cover of "Mine" from Beyonce's Beyonce album is everything right now. I like how she sings Drake's verse, and I like the tone in her voice! So maybe I'll be a bit less harsh towards all the YouTube guitaring singers out there. 

Ignore the fact that this Raphael Saadiq is wearing braces in the music video. Ignore it. Because you know what, if he didn't have the braces he would actually be too perfect. His voice is not only smooth, it's sensual. With an innocent vibe underneath. He has a very warm lilt to the way he sings that makes a song that's 100% about late night "rubbin" --- his words not mine --- seem playful and bright and I like it. I also have a thing for pretty yet subtle strings in R&B instrumentals, and this song has that in abundance as well so an extra 10 points are awarded. 

Saying that I'm late to the Sky Ferreira bus is an understatement. It's as if my mom was nagging me to leave the house and I steadfastly ignored her wisdom and looked up the clock and realized I had 40 seconds to get to the stop two blocks away. Then imagine me running at my full California ranked varsity track and field 100-meter-dash sprint. I arrive sweaty and about to pass out because asthma, but the bus has been gone for 5 minutes. That's how late I am to Sky Ferreira. This song is too great and catchy for me to not include it in this roundup so forgive me if you've already heard it a billion times before because you probably have.